L. Winn & Associates guides you towards optimization for you, your brand & your business.

We are a consulting firm specializing in small businesses within the luxury retail sector. Offering clients the full spectrum of business solutions while helping companies reach their full potential. Our experience and expertise spans a variety of product categories that enables us to confidently advise towards maximization of profits.  This vast knowledge positions us well to offer a wide range of retailing solutions from designing and executing the customer experience, hiring, training and retaining employees, inventory organization and control, product selection and visual merchandising, retail marketing and branding as well as all aspects of store operations from the front to the back of house.

We design solutions based on your needs.

L. Winn & Associates collaborates and guides clients towards business solutions that makes sense now and well into the future.  

After our initial discussion we take a three pronged approach to consultation: 

  • Analysis

  • Recommendation

  • Implementation

Once hired, we begin a stringent sometimes arduous analysis of the business.  Strengths and challenges are assessed while the vision of future growth and goals are kept in scope.  It is critical for clients to be forthcoming and honest during this lengthy process.  There is no judgement about past failures or current shortfalls.  The success of the analysis is directly related to the wealth of information provided by business owners desiring successful outcomes.  No details will be left uncovered when moving onto recommendations and implementations.  

Upon completion of the analysis, recommendations are made.  Advice given to clients ranges from simple short term solutions to long range changes that impact various business components.  Recommendations are given in the spirit of working towards strategic goals and fixing issues that plague companies and inhibit prosperity. 

The Implementation phase offers clients concrete strategies to prepare and execute tasks.  Plans are made, objectives are outlined and standards will be measurable.


“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”    Steve Jobs

We like to think there's a payoff for so many years spent in dark dingy stockrooms, opening endless boxes with packing peanuts and standing on selling floors for hours on end in high heels.  The dedication and enthusiasm become apparent when we begin discussing product selection for your store or how best to deliver training programs for enhanced staff retention or what delighting a customer base looks like.  A constant appreciation for the hard work and love for the retail environment, keeps our wheels turning while the clock ticks on.

We love what we do!  Does it sound cliche?  Sure.  However there is truth in the sentiment. 

There is an inherent love of excellence that defines a career in luxury retail.  The feel of a Mongolian cashmere sweater, the fit of a well tailored suit, the sparkle of an expertly formed crystal vase has no equal.  Manufacturers who create beautiful products should be supported by companies that buy and sell their goods flawlessly while delivering unparalleled service to customers from well trained staff members.

That knowledge and excitement amassed over time is ecstatically conveyed to our own clients who own fledgling businesses and feel they may have lost their spark along the way.  At L. Winn & Associates we deliver consistent and constant enthusiasm for the businesses we work with and bring everyone along for the ride.  Our "you're only as strong as your weakest link" mentality helps brings out the best in companies, managers and staff.   

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”  Albert Einstein

At the core of L. Winn & Associates, we feel the best approach to solving a problem is a collaborative and honest approach where everyone has a voice helping to deliver positive outcomes.  We believe that every challenge can be overcome while working our three pronged approach of Analysis, Recommendation & Implementation.  We find our clients get the best of what we have to offer when we follow these guidelines.  However there are times when a business needs smaller portions now and another dose later.  We understand this and have a desire to work with business owners tailoring solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.  

Interested in working together?  We are too.  Here's our contact info.  Let's chat!


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